Jesus told his church to go into all the world - we do mission both locally and globally. Through our partnership with iNet we send workers both long and short term around the world

Tim and Sarah Crow

Names: The Crows (Tim, Sarah & Noah)
Location: Masaka, Uganda
Partner: River of Life Church
Ministry Focus: Tim – Sports Evangelism, Teaching/Training Development and Mentoring.  Sarah – Clinical work, Training, Healthcare Development

Tim and Sarah have been living in Masaka, Uganda since 2011.  Together they facilitate Synergy Away – a programme that combines sports evangelism with child health checks in rural government schools.  Alongside Synergy Away Sarah works on the paediatric ward in a local missions hospital, as well as focusing on developing a new baby unit that will be opening shortly.  The rest of Tim’s time is given to combining sports training with mentoring and discipleship to help young people achieve their potential.  He also coordinates a lot of the preaching and teaching in River of Life Church, as well as training up ministers.

Tim initially trained as a teacher but then moved to youth work and has had a variety of experience in this capacity, both in the UK and in Uganda.  Sarah is a medical doctor, and in the UK practices as a GP. Tim and Sarah are currently in the UK after the birth of their first child Noah but will return to Uganda later this year.

The African Adventures of Team Crow!


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Paul, Lucy, Stephen and Lydia

Name: Paul, Lucy, Stephen & Lydia
Location: Sparks City, South East Asia
Ministry Focus: Social Justice, Aid and Development

Paul and Lucy have a heart to plant a sustainable and reproducing church family with a bias to serve the poor in Sparks City.  They are specifically working into the heroin sub-culture of the population and run a home for “1st stager’s” who detox with them. The live-in programme includes lots of worship & praying through their pasts and then after a year or 2 they can help more regularly in their cafe, which acts as a base for much of what they do in the centre of time.

Their wider church family meets on Friday nights and has spawned off a number of discipleship groups. They regularly work out of the city into some of the more remote areas as well as visiting some of the methadone and other centres in their city.

Lucy’s background is in Psychology and Paul worked in Reinsurance before retraining as a youth-worker in 1989. They married and left for SouthEast Asia in 1991.