Make Jesus Known

By January 13, 2017News

make jesus known


How can we get to know Jesus better, and how can we “Make Jesus Known” to the people around us—our families, friends, neighbours, work colleagues etc? Let’s grow closer to God this year so our actions and reactions, our attitude towards people, our willingness to serve at church and through community projects, all “Make Jesus Known”, and inspire people to look to Jesus themselves.

The Evangelical Alliance are encouraging Christians around the county to do this, this year.

Steve Clifford says: “The greatest challenge the Church faces in the UK is how do we make Jesus known to our generation? It’s only the Christian community, working in collaboration with the Holy Spirit, who can make Jesus Known. Others can and do serve the community, but it is only the Church who can introduce people to Jesus. The EA have set up a website to inspire us to “Make Jesus Known”.

Check out It will be updated with stories, testimonies and encouragement each week.

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