Our Networks

No church is an island. We love to be in good relationships with other Churches locally and we believe that when God's people work together we are stronger.

Transform Network is a relationship based partnership of local churches in South East London. We support each other by running joint events, sharing resources, training leaders together, running youth initiatives together, and being there when other churches need support.

Our partnership with Churches Together in Sydenham and Forest Hill is an important way for us to work together with other parts of Jesus’ body in our local area.

New Wine are fantastic. As well as attending the summer conferences, we are linked with the New Wine Network and benefit from the links that brings with other local churches, as well as the resources and richness of New Wine’s heritiage of kingdom theology and Holy Spirit ministry.

iNet is the ‘missions wing’ of a group of independent churches, working with them to fulfil God’s mandate as expressed in Jesus’ Great Commission. iNet believes that world mission is a primary responsibility of local churches; its vision statement is ‘local churches together in global mission’.