Welcome to the youth page.

Hello! If you’ve come to this page, you’re probably interested in our youth work. If you’re not, I’m sorry that you’ve taken a wrong turn. Slot your mouse into reverse, do a cheeky turn in the web, and head back the other way.

If you are here for the youth work, well done you! We run several exciting clubs each week, and you can find out more details below.

Are you a young person? Good. We enjoy playing loads of active, messy and hilarious games, giving ourselves a sugar high, and testing how effective risk assessments are.

Are you a parent? Ignore that bit. We sit quietly, eat fruit, and make sure everyone’s done their homework.

Going Deeper

Bible study and worship for youth

Friday Evenings

Our main youth gathering for 11-18s

Sunday Morning Service

Worship, teaching and fellowship for everyone


Monthly worship celebration for young people

We take safety seriously

You can view our safeguarding policy anytime you like

View the policy